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prowess, atobe

i passed out a few times last night... by passed out i dont mean fell asleep this time.

it felt like a part of my brain was disappearing and had to struggle to find somewhere not so painful to pass out on -.-

there was pain, shaking and sweating... but i did survive :P

and now i wake with a headache *sigh*


Bro :( you seriously need to take better care of yourself *sigh*
i didnt do anything wront. i was standing int he bathroom, looking in the mirror then... i felt it coming :/
oh no! *hugs* I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better soon! what brought this on?
duno :/

thought i was gona die for a minute or so xD
asdf;lkj Nii-san DDD:

I'm not even gonna ask if you're okay, because if you're passing out, it's quite obvious you're not :(

I hope you get better. Take a visit to the docs?
i'll be ok imoutochan :)

my blister is going away tho xD *yey*
doctor, please~!!!!!


I fainted once. I was in the dining room in our apartment and suddenly woke up on the floor in the kitchen...@__@
i pass out occasionally but this time was bad. it was painful :(

i'll go to the dr if it happens again. :)

it's the occasionally that worries me, Love~

That means that it's happened more than a few times, which is bad

i know... i guess i'm just putting it off :s

i don't want anything else wrong with me :/

someone should write a fic about it and let me read xD

sorry, i'll be serious *mumbles*

*pulls blankie and sleeps on u* x3
/pets hair

a fic about collapsing?? I did that already~

which one is it D:

tell meh!
Aww I'm so sorry! Anything I can do? You go-go write your WoW fic :/
hehe i'm trying to get into the mood again :(